Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter 2007 Fashion

It’s going to be a long, long winter. Long tops that is. Tunic tops (hip length) will rein as a favorite through the winter season. And, it will all be about the sleeves -- Balloon sleeves, Kimono balloon sleeves, Gaucho, Bat, 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeves. All are the hot look for Junior Trendy Fashion buyers who are looking for what’s new for work, play, entertaining, clubbing, party, and special occasions.

Romance fashion styling from the 1960s continues for winter - shirts and tops with soft blousy lines, slightly muted colors and stunning accents. The Junior styling touch to this trend adds snug accents such as form fitting tube bands and fitted midriff accents. Open front designs are very popular for clubbing as they raise the bar on sexy.

Most popular fabric this year is the new Stretchy, Supple, 92% Nylon 8% Spandex, Easy Care, Wrinkle Resistant VENECIA Fabric. This is a true 21st century wash and wear marvel. Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent, hang up to dry and it’s ready to wear the next day. Definitely a must have for travel wardrobes. This fabric lends itself to new and exciting designer fashions; the colors are vibrantly striking, and the fabric drapes beautifully.

Designer color trends favor brown, gold and brown/gold combinations for winter. Also very popular are red, white and plum as they make striking wardrobe contrasts.

It’s all about the skirt, too. Fashion favors skirts worn with these beautiful tops, shirts and blouses. Soft fabrics carry forward the romantic feel of the fashion season with asymmetric hemlines – hanky, drip, slanted. Straight hemlines are favored also, though they do not make as strong a fashion statement as the dramatic asymmetric lines.

Women who wear Junior Styling Fashion are looking for styles that follow the latest trends, and want to pay prices that don’t break the budget. Junior Styles coming out of the LA Fashion District directly influence and are influenced by “run way” fashion. The celebrities set the pace and the designers select the presentation.

Junior Clothing Manufactures, based in Los Angeles, California, are manufacturing Junior size fashions in their Hollywood inspired, and influenced, trends to fit today’s demands. Getting away from conventional/commercial sizing of tops, blouses and shirts, they have created their own sizing regiments for juniors. Junior sizes average 2 sizes smaller then commercial misses sizes. There is also a growing selection of Junior Plus sizes – XL, 1X, 2X and 3X. LA Fashion Manufactures say, “their sizing for Juniors has started to catch on worldwide…” stays current with Junior style fashions, the premier internet clothing store for teens, adults and plus sizes. LA's Trendiest Internet Store with factory direct prices. Juliz es una pagina de internet con seguridad a prueba de fraude, servicio al cliente y representacion completamente en español.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hispanic affiliate

JuniorTrends, a premier internet clothing eCommerce store, has announced the opening of their Hispanic affiliate internet store
" is a customized Spanish language web site with secure on-line shopping, Spanish speaking customer service and sales representation. It is managed by Mauricio Escarma, owner of Via Mexpress, Orange, California. and Susan Escarma is head of customer service. Mauricio and Susan are aware of great diversity within the spanish-speaking people and are experienced in providing a high level of customer service." says BJ Scott, president. offers hot, new fashion trends and styles for Junior, Junior Plus, and Misses size clothing for teens and adults. The Grand Opening Celebration will include special coupon offers and a special $100 Shopping Spree – no purchase necessary, create a new account to be automatically entered in the drawing.

JuniorTrends, una tienda de compras por internet de primera clase, anuncia la inaguracion de su pagina afiliada en español.

" es una pagina de internet con seguridad a prueba de fraude, servicio al cliente y representacion completamente en español. Juliz esta bajo la direccion de Mauricio Escarcega, dueño de Via Mexpress, en la cuidad de Orange, California. Susan Escarcega es la directora de servicio al cliente."Mauricio y Susan estan completamente concientes de la gran diversidad dentro de la gente hispano parlante y saben como proveer el mejor servicio al cliente" dice el Presidente de BJ Scott.

Juliz le ofrece lo mas sexy, y reciente de la moda y estilos en tallas chicas, medianas y grandes para jovenes y adultos. La inaguracion incluira cupones de descuento y una rifa de $100 Gratis en compras - compra no es necesaria, solo debe de crear un cuenta nueva para ser incluido en la rifa.


JuniorTrends Clothing Company announced the Grand Opening of their new eCommerce Store Front Saturday, July 21, 2007. The new store front is faster, and is easier to navigate and view web products. is the fastest growing eCommerce store on the internet featuring Junior and Misses designer clothing. They are celebrating their new store front with a spectacular sale 20% off purchase PLUS free shipping (USA only) July 21 to July 31, 2007.

“We have been working on this project for several months,” Company President, BJ Scott, said Friday in an interview. “The new storefront will meet the needs of our customers. The hosting site is faster and secure checkout is easier. This is something our customers have been asking for and we are proud to be able to provide this service.” will also be offering a JuniorTrends Club Card with special discounts for members only. Also, club members will be eligible for a special $100 shopping spree random drawing.”

JuniorTrends’ featured eCommerce Ad hosted by Mydeo is a major presence on the internet. Written and directed by Robert Underhill - contact, an up and coming media producer of commercial videos, television and movies. Juniortrends’ next eCommerce Ad is in production now and will be available soon for viewing.

JuniorTrends offers Los Angeles finest fashions by Independent Designers who keep pace with changing fashion styles. Their work is unique and sought after by teens, college students and adults who wear junior styling. This designer wear is available and affordable at today, your internet resource for what is new, what is hot and what is sexy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Picture This…

Send a picture of you wearing their clothing and receive a 10% off coupon – One coupon per person.

All photo entry participants will be eligible for a special $100 Shopping Spree Drawing. This drawing is only for persons who have sent a picture wearing clothing purchased from JuniorTrends who have agreed to have their pictures posted on JuniorTrends web site.

Special Drawing February 28, 2007 ... Winner will need to claim their prize. Good Luck and Happy Shopping.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Spring Styles are at

Junior Trends, the clothing style choice for teens and adults, has spring fashion in their on-line store now -

Shop early while the supply of tops, skirts, jackets, pants and shirts are available in the latest, trendiest colors and styles.

JuniorTrends is also having a photo contest. Send a photo of yourself, or a friend wearing clothing from and receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Internet Clothes Shopping Spring 2007

Want the hottest, newest Spring 2007 fashion FAST? Search the internet for JuniorTrends, Teen Clothing, Sexy Tops, and Junior Tops, and you will be on the right path.

Spring is going to focus on romantic fashion of the 1950s, modified to accentuate the desires to the 21st Century buyer, is classic.

Shirts, tops, skirts, and dresses with smocked detailing, something that was sought after and stylish in the 1950s, is limitless and affordable today. New clothing selections on the internet reflect the latest styles for today’s woman.

The invention of polyester threads and the mega industry of machine weaving, offers a wide range of fabric choices. Commercial dye spans the color spectrum. Style is only limited by imagination and trends.

Smocked detailing for spring clothing can be found on any part of the garment – sleeves, bodice, or hem. Modern smocking is done with elastic which gives the garment flexibility of wear.

Los Angeles Independent Designers keep pace with changing styles. Their work is unique and sought after by teens, college students and adults who wear junior styles. This design wear is available and affordable at today, your internet resource for what is new, what is hot and what is sexy.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Long Sleeve Satin is a Must Have

It has been my observation that winter dramatically begins in January. Michigan has the Artic Expresses – very, very cold wind from the artic traveling along the jet stream, freezing everything in its path. Southern California has the Pineapple Express – weather that begins near the Hawaiian Islands crosses the cold Pacific Ocean and roars cold and wet across the State. Then there are the bitter cold Southern California Santa Ana winds that come howling across the Los Angeles Basin with the strength to tumble a 16-wheeler across the freeway.

Probably where you live there is bitter cold, nasty weather with a name too. No matter what you call it, it is cold winter weather.

Neither, rain, nor sleet or bitter cold can keep most of us from our determined destinations. What’s the solution? Layering is one answer, but there is a second solution not to be over looked. Long Sleeve shirts, blouses and tops. Long sleeves have the advantage of being figure flattering, fashionable and not as bulky as layers.

A day at work wearing a long sleeve garment keeps the chill away. Evening wear, long sleeve garments are romantic as well as practical.

Satin is traditionally a tantalizing winter fabric, a truth I have personally experienced, and which has been mentioned in several high fashion magazines. Placing a hand on a satin sleeve or slipping an arm around a satin draped body is extremely sensual – for the wearer as well as the wearee.

Satin Shirts are not all that easy to find but there is one premier clothing source, juniorTrends, that keeps step with all the latest fashion for Teens, Adults and Plus Sizes. They know their business and offer excellent customer service and fast shipping. I highly recommend as a clothing source for you.

Check juniorTrends out for yourself. The happening place for Tops, Shirts, Blouses, Pants, Jeans, Jackets, Winter Shorts, Satin Hot Pants, Sweaters, and more

As an added incentive, if you sign up for their newsletter you might win a $100 shopping spree. Winners are posted and must claim their prize, so after you sign up be sure to keep checking back. Who knows, you might be the lucky winner!

Patricia Scott, Fashion Writer

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

JuniorTrends Year End 20% off Sale

JuniorTrends Year End 20% off Sale! is offering an unheard of 20% savings on purchases from Dec 26 to Dec 31, 2006. The sale includes all current stock -- Winter Fashion, Spring Fashion, Tops, Shirts, Hot Pants, Short Shorts, Skirts, Jackets, Jeans and more

Fashion Trends for Teens, Adults and Plus Sizes. Find the Hottest apparel in designer fashion at affordable prices at

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Are You a Winner?

If you have signed up for newsletter you may be the winner of a $100 Shopping Spree … Winner must claim the prize, so check it out!

Find the Hottest, Sexiest Fashion on the Planet – Tops, Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, Jeans and more – at Secure on-line shopping with prices at or below wholesale. Our Favorite Clothing Source

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Why Junior Trends is the Adult clothing choice!

Junior Style Clothing has come dramatically and spectacularly into its own at the turn of the 21st Century, offering fresh ideas in styles, design and fabrics. The stylish trends coming from the Los Angeles Fashion District are moving at a faster and faster pace to keep up with Global demand. Fresh new trends for designs and fabrics are appearing monthly. Savvy Junior Clothing buyers keep in step by adding to their wardrobe every 3 to 5 weeks. This is a phenomenon that will continue through the first decade of the second millennium.

Make Fashion Designer tops the focal point of juniorTrend ensemble.

A collection of tops is the key to change a pair of jeans, slacks, pants, skirts or dress into an entirely different fashion statement. Change the mood, feel and make the expressive statement you want simply with the change of your fashion top. A single skirt, pair of slacks and matching jacket can be transformed into limitless fashion options for day, evening and night wear.

Styles to Layer are endless.

Halter tops, which have been the top of fashion for the past year, continue to reign. This trend is expected to continue through the 2007 fashion year and beyond. Spaghetti strap tops under a jacket make a wonderful underlying statement with edges of lace, sequins and beads, taking the look from day to night. Short sleeve or cap sleeve tops are a wonderful top layer. Long sleeve tops lend themselves to a covering top layer to finish the look.

Winter 2006 color choice.

Red is the leader on the color charts. Combinations of red, black and white patterned fabric is right in step with style. Other colors of the rainbow accented with a scarlet layer or scarf keeps the look fresh and fashionable.

Denim will never quit.

Denim continues to evolve and has its place in the fashion arena. Rhinestone sparkle and sequin flash is bolder this winter 2006-2007 season. Cropped jackets, mini skirts and mini denim cut offs with ragged edge are drawing a lot of attention from the fashion buying crowd.

Dresses rank too.

Dresses stay in fashion at one level or another year round, especially during red carpet season in Hollywood. This year’s dresses are becoming more flamboyant and bold with color, texture and cut. Open bust with rhinestone clasps, shirred cross over v-neck dresses, stylish retro designs with drop waits and collars, shimmer close fit and more. The calling card for this style is sleek and flattering.

Patricia Scott, Fashion Writer

Designer Fashion Junior Clothing Styles for Teens and Adults and Plus Size. LA's Trendiest Internet Store with factory direct prices.

What do you think when you think Spring Break 2007?

What do you think when you think Spring Break 2007?

What do you think when you think spring break? Do you think of sandy ocean beaches? Perhaps you think season finale downhill skiing? Think about walking the walk at Disney World or Disneyland? Or maybe a road trip is your passion. I think, in a word, FASHION!

What junior style designs will look great on fashion conscience teens, adults and plus size women this spring 2007? What are our designer friends in the Los Angeles Fashion District saying about the spring 2007 lineup? Which spring colors are going to be hot in 2007?

Our fashion sources tell us Spring 2007 is going to be a feminine fashion celebration inspired by 1960s style.

Dresses, step out in strappy heels, with hemlines above the knee. If you remember the fashion revolution of the 60s then you know that hemlines kept going higher and higher. Popular dress styles that will flourish spring 2007are the classic a-line, flirty baby dolls, shape flattering shifts, modified balloon skirts, and classic sundresses. Vertical lines rule. Geometric shaped patterns are still holding their fashion place. Dress styles are figure hugging, but not tailored fitted.

Fashion tops are a wardrobe keystone. True winners will express the innocence of the 60s with pure sensuality, gently flowing lines and muted earthy colors accented by pale color. Tops will murmur a sexy casual style with rich fabrics, fervent design, and playful spirit. Plane, train or automobile travel … these spring tops want to travel and this is reflected by non-crease fabrics and pre-crinkled fabric choices.

Skirt hemlines are above the knee, way above. The balloon skirt of the 1960s is now the modified puff skirt. Another option in skirts is draped elegance with flowing lines and asymmetric hem which gives the 60s look a modern flair.

Fabrics for spring include a wide range - silks, cottons, polyester, and lycra. Chiffon is favored for its romantic look and feel. Satin is shimmering seduction. Lycra is loved for its body hugging comfort. Silk’s vibrant color appeal. Cool, crisp cotton transcends spring climate change without a hitch.

Patricia Scott, Fashion Writer

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Designer Fashion Junior Clothing Styles for Teens and Adults and Plus Size. LA's Trendiest Internet Store with factory direct prices.